Top 10 Hollywood motivational movies you should definitely watch once in your college days.

If you have ever noticed the Graphics, Story, Direction of Hollywood movie then I think you are one of the craziest followers of Hollywood movies. Many Hollywood movies are being made on either on Horror or, on disaster. Some of the movies are made after investing crores of an amount and some movies are made without investing too much amount and here are some movies which are made at a low cost and inspire the world.
            So here I am presenting you the Top 10 Hollywood movies which will inspire you and will force you to take a step towards your success.

1.Rocky ]- This movie first launched in 1976 and the story made on Rockey Balboa. This is not a  story of just boxing movie but it is the hard work and continually struggle of the main character. This story tells you how to become a Somebody from Nobody with a consistent hard work and without blaming the God for each of your daily mistakes. 
2. 127 Hours ]- This movie was launched in 2010 and this movie is made on a real story of a man who was a professional photographer.  This story is about a 127 hours struggle period in a narrow area without having any food. I think this will definitely make you cry after watching it completely. In this story actors hand was struck by a heavy rock b/w two close giant rocks and he tried to pull his hand and push the rock away but he has failed always. I am asking you what you will choose when there is an option between your life & your hand. So for the further story, you should watch this movie once. This movie is also available on Youtube free so go and watch.

3. The world Fastest Indian ]-  This movie was launched in 2005. This is a true story of Burt Munro who tells us that If you want to achieve something and you believe in yourself don't Give up one day you will definitely get what you desired. The record of The Fastest Bike in the world was made by Burt Munro in 1965 and the bike name was Indian which is a Crusher Bike making company. This company was established in 1920.

4. The Pursuit of Happiness ]- This movie was launched in 2006. This is a story of struggling of a father to provide his son a good future. This movie highlighted the bond between a father and a son after evicted from his house, both faced two much financial problems. Yet, the small bits of happiness they find in their togetherness provides a heartwarming plot for the film. 

5. A Beautiful Mind ]- This story was launched in 2001. A story of a mathematical genius on a harrowing path of self-discovery, A Beautiful Mind explores various facades of human emotions. John Nash, at the brink of international acclaim, discovers a side of himself he was unaware of. The film based on the book by Sylvia Nasar explores commitment, success and a heartbreaking folly of the human mind.

6. The Aviator ]- This movie was launched in 2004 and the story is based on a biopic which describes the early life of Hollywood directors and Aviator Howard is a powerful story of a Successful young man. 
However, the director of big budget movies and the interest of leading industry actresses remains tormented in private suffering from depression and paralyzing phobias. Under Martin Scorsese's direction, The story of the Aviation pioneer reveals hard-hitting facts of the human dilemma. 

7. October Sky ]- This movie was launched in 1993 This movie made on the true story is filled with motivation which will lead you to your dream. The true story of a small town boy with big dreams, who goes against his father's will and follows his dream of building rockets.  

8. Cast Away ]- This movie was launched in 2000 The power of love is one of the most inspiring things about this film. An ambitious corporate troubleshooter is stranded on a deserted island for free. A man is marooned on an island after his plane crashes into the ocean. Far away from home, his girlfriend, and any human contact, he engages in a battle of wits with himself as he is tested mentally, physically, and emotionally in order to survive.

9. The Blind Side ]- This movie was launched in 2004 in theaters. This is one which teaches us that let your work speak for you. And everyone has a hero within him only thing you need to bring that out. Explore the hero within. It is based on the life of Michael Oher who is in the NFL and plays for the Baltimore Ravens at Offensive Tackle.

10. Braveheart ]- This movie was launched in 1995 in theaters. This movie actually fits me quite well. It's about sticking with your principles. Doesn't have to be about current events to relate to current life. It's the message behind the story that is the true motivator. Forget he's standing up for his country. Imagine he's standing up for his family or friends. He's fighting for freedom of everything he believes in. Which we as a human race, as a whole, should all be free to have. This is the most inspirational movie of all time you must watch once.

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