How to track path of the website you are surfing | Any website Crossing stages before appear on your search engine.

Do you want to know the different stage through which your surfing site shows on your system?
Then here I am going to tell you the way.

  1. Open Your Laptop and press Widows + R and write there "cmd".
  2. After opening the command windows write tracert and followed by website name you want to track as shown in location 1 in above picture. Location 2 shows the Google IP and location 3 is your Modem/Router IP.
  3. Go through the link IP Tracker
  4. Now suppose you want to track Google and want to know, after how many stages you are seeing Google page.
  5. Put the programmed obtained 1 IP in the search box of IP tracker. If I have done the same I got my Jiofi location.
  6. Type the IP address of Sl. No.2. I found the Maharashtra Reliance Info communication  Limited.
  7. Type the IP address of Sl. No. 3.  I found the same above result.
  8. Type next IP this shown the Google California location address.
  9. Same result for next IP address.
  10. Same result of next Ip address location that is Mountain view city of California.
Conclusion]- This is not very important but it's about building Knowledge about how stuff works.


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